Blog 11 – Response


As I move forward with the new knowledge of this course, the three areas that stand out are the ability to be producers, techno-trash and the language of social media, ie “memes”

It was interesting to see the timeline in which our roles as consumers transformed into producers. Especially noting that producing had been going on before the Internet with “remixes” and mashups” the transformation seemed logical. As our lives in the offline world are determined by the technology that becomes available, it makes sense that the same would happen with the online world. I have realized how much my use as a producer has on the community of those I associate with. I want to keep abreast of the ways our roles change and become a responsible producer that benefits me and those that I teach.

Never had I taken into consideration the techno-trash that has accumulated at my house or in the world for that matter as a serious environmental problem. I was shocked and somewhat embarrassed to be ignorant of the dumping in other countries. In the future, when my technological devise becomes obsolete, I will think twice before I need to replace it, especially if my devise is still working. Secondly, I hope to be more proactive when disposing of my technology and find an environmentally responsible way to rid of it. Lastly, I will be an advocate for the reduction of techno-trash and make family and friends aware of the implications on the world.

My favourite session was the Language of Social Media. I had no idea what a “meme” was and enjoyed the readings about the history and language of “memes”. The history of the term amazed me and proved how words, facts, definitions and concepts evolve from user to user; generation to generation or offline to online. I like the fact that I can make a “meme” that is relevant to what I would like to express and I have started to use them to encourage students when the term gets stressful.

As I continue to use media for work and play, I now have the skills, knowledge and awareness to seek out the advantages and disadvantages of using the Internet. I will continue to leave a positive digital footprint.


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