Creative Assignment 2 – Meme Part 2

My Meme: A dedication to all that have suffered the wrath of APA formatting

I loved the opportunity to create a meme. I always wanted to do one but didn’t realize I could. First of all, let me just say I love Chuck Norris. I remember watching many of his movies and TV series thinking he was like a soft spoken super hero and his secret power was to protect the world. However, I wouldn’t want to P*&@ him off.  So he was a perfect pick for my meme.  As an instructor of dental hygiene the last thing our new students ever expected was to use APA. They hate it. “We are here to learn dental hygiene, not to write and format papers!” Oh you silly little naïve dental hygiene newbies. Don’t you know that you have to submit a yearly portfolio to the College of Dental Hygienist of Ontario in APA format?  Want to see a class of students that looked like the world just ended? That’s right students! For your next 22 months all assignments and presentations must be in APA format.

It is an ongoing complaint amongst the students. If there was anything that the students had free reign to change it would be APA formatting. In dental hygiene, APA formatting takes on a life of its own. So to use Chuck Norris and the sarcasm of APA to create a meme parallels the feeling of the students perfectly.

I would think most student feel this way, or at least the young, new or unfamiliar users of APA formatting.  I know that I have to use it, as well as an evaluator of it, so to me it comes natural. So this meme would not only be relevant and understandable to dental hygiene students, but to all students and educators, especially at the post secondary level. I remember even witnessing a classmate in my adult education class ask the instructor how much APA formatting was worth if opted not to format his paper that way. It didn’t matter what it was worth, that instructor had a look of kill on his face. It is as though APA formatting is the GOD of all formatting. So as for specialized knowledge in understanding this meme, for sure most students especially those in post secondary would get the sarcasm of this meme.

The fact that the meme has Chuck Norris standing there with guns in search of the person that forgot the period in APA formatting proves how powerful the text is. Imagine people understanding that missing a period in a reference, in text citation, title page, or author’s name is so important in a paper that if it is missed, the APA police will find them. It is illegal in the educational environment. “How dare you forget a period after the authors name in a reference?” Ludicrous? Yes, but that is what makes the text in the meme relevant.

The creation of this meme was thought of before searching the options. I knew I wanted to focus on something that mocked my position as an educator, easy to do. I had the idea of APA formatting immediately.  It is a daily bone of contention in my class.  I am constantly reviewing and explaining to students how to find the correct APA formatting. (STUDENTS, GOOGLE IT!! Not said out loud.) It is a perfect connection for any student that despises formatting of any kind. I think educators that have to mark anything using APA formatting would also appreciate this sarcastic take on the strictness of formatting.

Using the meme generator, I searched for pictures of Chuck Norris. I was familiar with the cult of Chuck Norris fans and knew there had to be pictures of him on Meme Generator. Success!! The APA idea was already on my radar.  I tried out a couple of comments and words and tested them out on the staff. I wanted it to be powerful with minimal words. I didn’t really appreciate the memes with too many words. I felt they didn’t get the point across efficiently and they lost their influence and meaning.  One of the things I always say about everything has something to do with calling the police. Not funny to all, but funny to some. So I thought it was appropriate to use this idea, which would make this memes deeper meaning exclusive while keeping it understandable to the wider audience. After its final generation and a vote from the staff, I right clicked, saved as picture and viola, my first personal meme!!



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