Creative Assignment 1 – Storify

 My Journey on the Information Highway!


Computertime. (2009). Superhighway [Online picture]. Retrieved from×251.jpg

I know the exact date I went online for the first time; January 25th, 1992. Well I didn’t remember on my own, my husband works for the ISP we hooked up with just over 22 years ago. I do remember it took me weeks to understand what to do with the World Wide Web. I only played with email. Then my sister decided to get the Web because I told her how much we could communicate via email without having to pay long distance. But now we were paying for the Information Highway.  Then I discovered Yahoo! Games. Between chatting on email with my sister and playing Yahoo games with others around the world, I was the ultimate user of Internet, so I thought. With the introduction of the young minds of my daughters and the technical smarts of my husband I was introduced to MSN chat. It was the be all and end all of the Web for me. Now I could talk live with my sister and still not pay for long distance! (Hey, my husband worked for the ISP, we got a great discount.) However, this also became a time of computer wars in the Hamilton house. With three daughters close in age and all of them having many friends that also did not go outside to play, there was now a battle around the desktop in the far corner of the rec room.

Computer History Museum. (2006 ). Netscape [Online photo]. Retrieved from

Computer History Museum. (2006 ). Netscape [Online photo]. Retrieved from

I grew up with the Internet. From the introduction of Web 1.0 tools to now with the predications of Web 3.0 tools, my participation has become a staple in my daily life. At work, I use it for research, teacher e-resources, dental hygiene educator’s forum, and student interaction. Email at work is a form of communication as we are a small staff and are not at the institution on the same days. We used to use the work email for casual chat and work issues, but with texting, the email is strictly used for work. At home, my usage is nonstop. I pay bills, do banking, go shopping, continue my education, fulfill professional portfolio requirements, look up recipes, watch movies, look for phone numbers, participate socially, read blogs, curate, aggregate, tweet, like, and download anything and everything. I no longer worry about the schedule to use that ancient desktop that used to inhabit the corner of the basement rec room.

Wow Debbie and WWW., you’ve come a long way baby!!

to be cont’d… Hamilton, D. (2014)

My Journey on Storify


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